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ReconectaPlay is a repository of academic-scientific content of the streaming type, that is, 100% remote and asynchronous, conceived and managed by Reconecta Soluções Educacionais.

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The repository brings together lectures, short courses, workshops/workshops, conferences and scientific communications in different thematic areas, such as: 

  • Practices in Teaching;

  • Conservation Practices;

  • Practices in Tourism;

  • Interdisciplinary Practices and Sustainability;

  • Sustainability - social, economic and environmental dimensions;

  • Health practices and research;

  • Teacher Training, 

  • Scientific dissemination and teaching: strategies and resources;

  • Scientific dissemination and university extension;

  • Spaces for scientific dissemination;

  • Research, Strategies and Resources in Languages, Exact Sciences, Human Sciences, Natural and Earth Sciences;

  • Children's Education;

  • Professional and Technological Education;

  • Inclusive education.

Enrich your resume without leaving home: the issuance of certificates is automatic and by the platform itself, a certificate is issued for each activity you participate in.

ReconectaPlay: never stop learning! 

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How to access:
There are 2 access modes: subscribers and congress participants.

Subscribers: via payment of a fee that may vary depending on the mode (semi-annual or annual) and payment method, in cash (with a discount) or up to 12 installments (with a progressive increase in the amount per installment).

reconnected: participate in this modality all congressmen who have participated in Reconecta Soluções events - they do not need to make any payment. It's a courtesy, 100% free.After the end date of the event, the congressperson will have 6 months of free access, regardless of the access request date. Request access:


Access request in Reconnected mode

Congressmen who have participated in any Reconecta Soluções event do not need to make any payment.

Only delegates from events held in the last 6 months can participate.

Your request has been registered. After analysis, you will be added to the platform and you will receive an email

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